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Re: Policy process


        Here is my take on what we need to do to rejuvenate policy
 creation (which is quite moribund, in case you had not noticed, since
 I have stopped working on it pending the DPL's delegation of power).

a) we need to keep using the BTS to record what's going on, and not
   let things die out and fall between the cracks; 
b) we need to make sure that real issues, opened by people without
   -policy expertize, or time, do not just fall off the ends; 
c) we need to recognize expertize in areas without hard coding names
   into the process (this should have Ian's approval, he keeps talking
   about how we should not needp procedures, and how we should let
   common sense dictate proper course of action)
d) we need to be able to get over frivolous objections 
e) we need a deadlock breaker, 
f) we need a person to figure when we have consensus, if that is in

        So we need a person who can ungum the proceedings, who pushes
 unsexy proposals, and who can recognize expertize (or be willing to
 ask) while attempting to break deadlocks. 

      I do not think we need a few score properly annointed people.

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