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Re: /etc/motd references BOTH /usr/doc/*/copyright AND /usr/share/doc/*/copyright

On 27 Mar 2000, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>         This is my take on the subject. An  user should not need to
>  know about /usr/share/doc; mentioning it, espescially with the
>  wording that implies that one needs look into both dirs to be sure,
>  is exactly the kind of user interface lossage we were trying to
>  avoid.
>         /usr/doc symlinks are in place for human backward
>  compatibility, but, more importantly, to assure that all docs are
>  found under one location, namely, /usr/doc/ for potato, and
>  /usr/share/doc in woody.  In either release, we should be able to
>  just look into one location for the copyright files.

Ok, I agree with this analysis. Will mention /usr/doc only again in


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