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Bug#60979: What /etc/init.d/xxx restart does?

Radim Kolar <hsn@cybermail.net> writes:

> In section 3.3.2. is not clear what 'restart' does.

> 1. restart=stop and start
> or
> 2. if service is running, stop it and start it, when is not
> running, do not start it.

The former is what restart does on every other *NIX system I've ever
used.  If we change that, we are going to confuse and anger the vast
majority of our users.

If you want to disable a service, disable it.  If you know enough to
run /etc/init.d/foo, you should know enough to disable the service

Introducing a grotesque incompatibility with every other Unix and
Linux system out there is NOT an acceptable solution IMO.

Clarifying policy here is fine.  Changing to 2 is not.  I will
formally object to any proposal to do the latter.
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