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Re: Testing the new boot floppies

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > The policy manual says that all standard packages should be installed by
> > default "if the user doesn't select anything else". Randolph and I have
> > talked about this before, inconclusively. I don't know if it makes sense to
> > only install standard if you select no tasks in tasksel, or what.
> Yikes, that is toughie.  Maybe kick it over to debian-policy?

Sure. Policy folks, we're talking about what tasksel installs on a freshly
installed debian system.

> I would think at this late stage in the game, that it maybe shouldn't
> be added.  Or, perhaps, ask the user if they want std priority pkgs,
> and offer to list them?
> Should I file a wishlist against tasksel for this?
> I personally think we have a lot of gaps in what is installed by the
> task-* packages, but I haven't heard too many complaints.

Tasksel already installs all required and important packages, which must
fill most of the holes.

see shy jo

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