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Bug#59403: PROPOSED] restrictions on content of /usr/share/doc

Chris Lawrence wrote:
> I'm willing to move the bug template location somewhere else; someone
> (forgot who, I'm tired) proposes /usr/share/reportbug, but there's
> nothing inherently reportbug-specific about those file (certainly bug
> could support them too).  /usr/share/misc?  I dunno.

It's worth looking at how Nick handled the bug report I filed against bug
(duplicate of the one I filed against reportbug). I think his scheme is
more flexable than just template files.

> OTOH, the file does make some sense as standalone documentation for
> people who don't use a bug reporting tool (which would trigger the
> symlink clause).

Yes, some files may, and could. I'd personally prefer to add something to
README.Debian though, that's less specific and doesn't assume they're in
the middle of a bug reporting tool.

see shy jo

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