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Bug#59403: PROPOSED] restrictions on content of /usr/share/doc

Anthony Towns wrote:
> > +
> > +    Files in /usr/share/doc should not be referenced by any program, and
> > +    the system adminostrator should be able to delete them without causing any
> > +    programs to break. Any files that are referenced by programs but are also
> > +    useful as standalone documentation should be installed under
> > +    /usr/share/<package>/ and symlinked to /usr/share/doc/<package>/.
>                                            ^^ 
> "from" ?
> "and a symlink added in" ?
> As it is, it sounds backwards to me. No big deal.

Hm, I can never get that right.

I amend my proposal to change "and symlinked to" to "with a symlink in". If any
seconders have a problem with this, speak up to withdraw your second (yeah,
right :-).

> /usr/{share,lib}/reportbug/ and so on is presumably the proper place for
> extra things for reportbug, yes?

Or maybe /usr/share/bugs if it shares them with bug. (I hope the 2 bug
packages arn't diverging more here..)

see shy jo

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