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Bug#54524: http_proxy and web clients.

Please stick to the merits of the proposal and don't speculate about my
motivations. My only intent here is to avoid stamping a faulty design with the
debian seal of approval by putting it in our policy.

Having options that are only available from environment variables and not from
configuration files is a bad idea. It's a lesson that has been learned many
times in the past and it's why that rule in policy is there. If we're going to
put this in policy we should do it right.

Your other example, LANG, is also a bad design, it should have a global
default in /etc, however there are other reasons that wouldn't work, some
which stem from bad design choices in POSIX.

Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@debian.org> writes:

>  Look. This is widely implemented... A few people like you are proposing
> things just to modify things, but without offering any improvement. You are
> trying to "dilute" the thing, to turn it in an endless discussion.


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