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Bug#54524: http_proxy and web clients.

Nicolás Lichtmaier writes:

 > > I think your ideas may be suitable for wishlist bugs against packages
 > > that don't do what you want, but it shouldn't go into policy.
 >  No. The maintainers could close the wishlist without doing anything.

 I think that they would only do so if they have a good reason not to
honour your behaviour.

 >  The policy is just a tool to set a standard nehavious of programs, and I
 > think that a standard behaviour is useful here:  When I set a system that
 > many users will use, I will configure it so the users son't need to be
 > bothered by anything. That includes setting the proper http_* variables in
 > /etc/profile, and it works great, since wget, lynx, netscape and others
 > respect those vars. What I am saying is that we should recognize this common
 > practice in our policy...

I don't think so - indeed policy says that packages shouldn't depend
on environment variables for their correct behaviour(3.9). I don't
disagree that http_proxy as an environment variable is common
practice, but I do disagree strongly that this should be made policy -
you'd have to do away with policy section 3.9 for starters...


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