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Bug#53700: bogosity in editor/pager discussion

Package: debian-policy

Section 5.4 of Policy says:

> Since the Debian base system already provides an editor and a pager
> program, there is no need for a package to depend on `editor' and
> `pager', nor is it necessary for a package to provide such virtual
> packages.

I believe that this reasoning is incorrect.  Just because a package is in
the base system, it doesn't mean it need not be depended upon.  The author
seems to have confused "base" and "Essential" (on which I believe
dependencies are un-necessary).  I feel that the correct fix for this is
to add new virtual packages for "editor" and "pager", but that'd be a lot
of work, so just removing the justification from that sentence might be

Ben Harris
Unix Support, University of Cambridge Computing Service.
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