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Re: base dependency warning

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> >>    You must not place any packages into the `base' section before
> >>    this has been discussed on the `debian-devel' mailing list and a
> >>    consensus about doing that has been reached.
> This last is unclear and wierd.  In fact, it is only the boot-floppies
> maintenance team who can add and remove packages from base.  Rewording
> is below.

It's also current policy. I tacked it on only for reference. I'm not
accepting amendments that change that paragrpah, because I am only changing
a prt of policy to document existing practice, but you're quite welcome to
make your own proposal.

(It's odd -- in my last two proposals, I have quoted a little scrap of
context, and people have been keen to change that. Perhaps more people
should be reading policy and seeing what they think needs to be changed in

see shy jo

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