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Re: Shared libs in non-standard locations

At 12:26 -0500 1999-12-19, Raul Miller wrote:
>A better question is: what's a library?

libtool's documentation describes libraries as "programs with multiple
entry points, and more formally defined interfaces."

>The simplest constraint on policy would be to label the shared library
>stuff as applicable to "traditional C programs" and leave it up to the
>maintainer and bug report filers whether the program has been classified
>However, with some time and thought it might be possible to abstract
>out some underlying concepts which are more generally applicable.

For policy purposes a shared library should be defined as "A dynamic shared
object with a soname, residing in a public library directory." "public
library directory" should be defined as "A directory that appears in
/etc/ld.so.conf or is otherwise always in the dynamic linker's search path."

Shared objects that do not meet the above requirements should not be
required to have a soname, do not need to appear in a shlibs file, and
should be allowed to define an rpath of at least $ORIGIN ($ORIGIN is a
glibc 2.1 magic rpath value that causes ld.so to add the directory
containing the program defining $ORIGIN to the search path).
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