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Re: Bug#53054: pygresql: change version number to reflect correct upstream version

On Sun, 19 Dec 1999, Oliver Elphick wrote:

> [Forwarded to debian-policy for comments]
> "Juergen A. Erhard" wrote:
>   >Package: python-pygresql
>   >Version: 6.5.3-4
>   >Severity: normal
>   >
>   >The upstream version of the pygresql package is 2.4, but the upstream
>   >version number on this .deb is 6.5.3.  This is wrong.
>   >
>   >Yes, it's just in the packaging manual... yes, that is not policy... *yet*
>   >(and looking at policy and the packaging-manual, I think a lot of the latter
>   >should actually be in the former).
>   >
>   >*Please* change this.  (Oops, you'll need an epoch... too bad).
> It has this number because it comes from the upstream PostgreSQL release; it
> is a binary package from the postgresql source.  The upstream PostgreSQL
> maintainers have included it, as they have pgaccess and the odbc code.
> It would be equally confusing, therefore, for it not to share the PostgreSQL
> release number.  
> If I had packaged the PyGreSQL source independently of PostgreSQL, I would
> agree with you.  
> I don't think it is possible to do what you want except by eliminating this
> package from PostgreSQL and packaging it separately.

It is quite possible though. For example check the slink bash source
package which builds libreadlineg2 ....

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