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Re: [nathan@dnase.hpw.pri.bms.com (Nathan O. Siemers)] Humble Request Re: New release over due

nathan@dnase.hpw.pri.bms.com (Nathan O. Siemers) writes:

> Debian is already the best linux distro I have seen, with the only
> drawback that is is *many* months behind the newest features

Newest features and stablity are usually incompatible goals.  Also,
most businesses find upgrades both expensive and time-consuming.  A
release a year is FAR TOO OFTEN from one perspective, and nowhere near
often enough from another.  Where to find middle ground?

For everyone whining that Debian doesn't release often enough, there
are three people switching their businesses to Debian because it's
solid and reliable and stable and doesn't change all the time, unlike
most other distros.  I think we're doing ok.

If you really need the latest and greatest, use potato now; we all do.
(Every Debian developer is pretty much forced to run unstable, which
ensures a certain level of stability.)

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