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Bug#51832: packaging-manual: Architecture setting: more information.

Package: packaging-manual
Severity: wishlist
The packaging-manual doesn't say what is the criteria used to select the
architectures for a binary package.
For example: I am (the no official yet) maintainer of the rhtvision
and setedit text editor.
The rhtvision library was tested on i386 and alpha, then I set the
architecture field to "alpha i386".
Then Roman Hodek complained because there isn't anything preventing the
library and the editor from working on other architectures.
So, what should I do? I have changed the architecture field to "any" but
I don't know if this is correct...
In my opinion the packaging manual should talk about the rationale for
architecture field.
Please, see bug 50319.
Thanks and sorry for my poor english.

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