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Re: [PROPOSED] Change package relations policy to remove references to non-free from main

>         So let us just pretend that we just implement one of
>  weak-suggests and reverse-suggests and call it Enhances, shall we? ;-)

I think there appears to be enough of a reason to allow both of these:
they both have their strengths and weaknesses, but both are useful in
some contexts:

weak-suggests is to be used where:
  a package in main/contrib/non-free suggests one in non-US/anything
  a package in (non-US/)main suggests one in (non-US/)contrib or
  a package in (non-US/)contrib suggests one in (non-US/)non-free

Then if the hierarchy is unavailable (how do we know that?), dselect
should ignore the suggestion, otherwise, it should display it.

reverse-suggests (enhances), on the other hand, should only be allowed
to reverse-suggest a package which is at least as free as the
suggesting package, so that we don't have to worry about the hierarchy
not being present.



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