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Re: [PROPOSED] Change package relations policy to remove referenc es to non-free from main

>>"Ronald" == Ronald van Loon <Ronald.vanLoon@nob.nl> writes:

 Ronald> Well, the problem sees to be this:

 Ronald> person A is installing Debian on his system. However, he has
 Ronald> some restrictions as to what packages he can use (for
 Ronald> example, because his distribution only has certain packages
 Ronald> available (practical example), or because his employer has
 Ronald> placed certain restrictions as to what licenses are
 Ronald> considered 'risk-free to use' within a company (political
 Ronald> example)).

 Ronald> Why not have a Legal: or License: field that specifies the
 Ronald> license(s) the package adheres to?

        Because that is presupposing the reason for the
 unavailability. I have a partial mirror of potato. Would be nice if I
 said that these parts are unavailable -- do not show me suggests that
 point there.

        And really, the licence is just incidental (the reason the
 packages are not available in your case).


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