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Re: Stop archive bloat: 47MB gmt-coast-full_19991001-1.deb

On Oct 20, Anthony Towns wrote:
> The policy weekly summary includes ``I further propose that the use
> of bzip2 be mandatory for newly uploaded source files''. This has been
> both seconded and objected to (its Bug#39299). I wouldn't say any sort
> of consensus has been reached personally. It needs to be rewritten and
> put forward again. (The README.Debian proposal (Bug#42554) has similar
> problems)

OK, so what needs to be done?  Can I (as the proposer) simply amend
the proposal, or do we need to close the existing proposal and start a
new one?

(I think we *do* have consensus on the "permit" part... but I could be

> And for some reason I hadn't noticed Chris' code. How embarrasment.

In fairness, I hadn't gotten off my butt and written it until last
night.  And it probably sucks (but it seems to work).

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