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Re: Packages should not Conflict on the basis of duplicate functionality


On Fri, 24 Sep 1999, Clint Adams wrote:

> I run apache and roxen on the same machine.  That's hardly typical.
> Why on earth would anyone want to run two different web servers?
> These two packages should obviously conflict since they're both
> web servers and want to grab port 80.

I'd say that it is at least less usual than typical.

If you want to run two httpd's, popd's or mta's, you'll probably have to
do more than the usual tweaking to the package setup anyway, so what is
really the big deal of having to:

1.  `apt-get source foo`
2.  edit various files, mostly in debian/
3.  add an epoch to the package version
4.  `fakeroot debian/rules binary`
5.  `sudo dpkg -i foo.deb`

If you must insist that these matters be resolved formally, then please be
so generous to provide us with some reference implementations of a generic

Such a script, which would contain all the appropriate smarts to have
multiple incantations of some {httpd,popd,smtpd} daemon installed and
configured automatically, could then be put in a {httpd,popd,smtpd}-common
package on which all {httpd,popd,smtpd} incantations would then have to

Taking this one step further, a generic configuration interface would
allow any other package to configure the daemon, without having to touch
configuration files it doesn't own or even having to know about any or all
particular tastes of configuration style.

I'm sure you are more eager than I am to spout further ideas about this.



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