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Re: Selecting packages from thousands

>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> writes:

  Ian> The next question to ask ourselves is: who decides on these
  Ian> categories and who decides on which packages are in them ?
  Ian> Clearly the categories need to be decided on centrally, so
  Ian> their descriptions can be specified centrally.

Agreed. However I suggest that the "description files" be an
option. Because people"s taste vary, one description files cannot be
optimal for evrybody. 

  Ian> I think that if we have a stronger Priority mechanism, which
  Ian> distinguishes Optional packages that most people will want from
  Ian> those which most people should probably ignore, we can just
  Ian> allow package maintainers to decide which categorie(s) their
  Ian> package fits into.

  Ian> Then the categories are like keywords.  So we end up with:

  Ian> * A file in the distribution alongside the Packages file.  We
  Ian> could call it Categories.  It contains a list of the
  Ian> categories.  Each category would have one or more levels of
  Ian> support; for each level of support it lists the
  Ian> keyword/priority combinations that should be included.

  Ian> * Package installation tools should by default select packages
  Ian> according to whether they match the selected level of any
  Ian> category.  But, the user can go in at a more detailed level and
  Ian> (de)select individual packages.

The case where a package belong to several categories is somewhat
tricky, because you select a category, unselect a package of it, and
then select another category of that package. 

Anyway, I really think that a package's description should not be kept
into the package itself. Because they are independent. One should be
able to change the description without rebuilding the package. Think
about i18n. 

Laurent Martelli

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