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Re: Bug#40706: usr/share/doc vs. /usr/doc

>>"Santiago" == Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

 >> Create the symlink in post inst. dpkg need not be involved.

 Santiago> Ah, but then this is not a simple one-line addition, as you said.

        Oooh,m yes. One shall have the onerous burden of adding a well
 published stanza to postinst and postrm. I think you are making a
 mountain of a molehill.

 Santiago> For most of my packages, I have to change just one line in
 Santiago> debian/rules to be FHS-compliant. With your proposal, the
 Santiago> amount of work is not doubled by maybe multiplied by three
 Santiago> or four.

        If you are too busy to add 3 or four times one line to you
  packages, you should look into giving them up. The wnpp should help.

 Santiago> We don't have to be FSSTND-compliant.

        We used to be FSSTND compliant. No one is asking us to be that
 in the future.

 Santiago> We have to be FHS-compliant.  Being FHS compliant for
 Santiago> manpages and info and FSSTND-compliant for docs would be a
 Santiago> really ugly mix.

        Of course it would. But there is a transition period. 

 Santiago> I object to this proposal because I think we should not
 Santiago> waste developer's time. Remember that we all are

        Any developer who does not have even this much time should
 probably not be one, since there may well be other things wrong in
 the packages they have no time to fix.

        Adding a well defined sdtanza to two maintianer scripts, and
 deleting them at some point in the remote future, should not be too
 onerous a task for any developer. If it is, please consider giving up
 your packages so they may be better maintained.

 Santiago> volunteers. Suppose I have a break of free time for Debian
 Santiago> development, I can either:

 Santiago> a) Convert four of my packages to FHS following current policy or
 Santiago> b) Convert only two of my packages to FHS following your proposal.

        I shall be happy to take over all your packages so you have
 more free time. 

 Santiago> I will not insist *all* packages must move to
 Santiago> /usr/share/doc, but those who do not are buggy anyway (with
 Santiago> or without this proposal).

 Santiago> I think it is *this* proposal what will slow down the
 Santiago> transition to FHS.  If we do not make symlinks, transition
 Santiago> period will be much shorter, and many more packages will be
 Santiago> converted by the time potato is released.  Considering that
 Santiago> packages using /usr/doc are currently buggy because we have
 Santiago> already accepted FHS, this means potato will have less bugs
 Santiago> if we do not make any symlinks.

        I disagree with this hypothesis.


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