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Re: PROPOSAL: changelog.html.gz sanitization

On debian-policy, Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> wrote:
> My rationale for mandating a changelog.gz is for consitency, so you can
> easily find the changelog in every package.
> I don't have a rationale for requiring a html changelog, because that is
> already in policy. It went in last fall, I believe.
> I think Manoj has a point. How about:
>    If the upstream changelog file is HTML formatted, it may be
>    made available as /usr/doc/<package>/changelog.html.gz'. A plain
>    text version of the changelog must be accessible as
>    /usr/doc/<package>/changelog.gz' (this can be created by
>    lynx -dump -nolist').
> Can I get some seconds (or comments) on this alteration to the proposal?

Interesting, consider it seconded.

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