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Re: Debian runlevel policy?

On Sat, Mar 06, 1999 at 07:47:52PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > Not an option in the case of xfstt.  X servers don't speak TTF yet
> > (yet..)  But still, I think it's possible to add some delay or re-arrange
> > things with the runlevels to fix this.
> Uh, WHAT program exactly is dying so hard because it can't get TTF fonts
> that it kills the X server?
> As long as everyday, regular X fonts are available, the X server should be
> able to start up fine.

xfstt goes into Fontpath as a font server.  You can I suppose use xset in
~/.xsession but that's hardly useful for globally available fonts.

> > Actually it DID fix it on my box amazingly enough.  But then, my problem
> > is just that my system is short on RAM and processor power (and disk
> > space, video memory, etc, etc, etc)  =>
> I won't say that people SHOULDN'T try tweaking the run levels on a
> per-system basis, just that I don't think I can accomplish anything by
> changing the defaults; systems are too different.

I've got beginnings of ideas here but I won't have them for a few days
until I have time to think clearly, which will be after I've finished
reading email, writing email to the people I need to (mostly LinuxWorld
event related stuff) and essentially just getting caught up.  If someone
hasn't come up with more interesting ideas before then, I'll post
something probably.

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