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developer's ref -- new chapter on NMUs and ports

I have documented what I feel is the best practices for doing NMUs and
ports. This includes who can do an NMU/port, how long should wait for
a bug to be resolved by the maintainer, etc, etc.  

I've tried to take a "middle ground" stance, which will keep the more
militant on this list satisfied, while still enabling porters to get
their job done in a reasonable fashion, given the *current* *state* of
archive maintenance, etc.

I'm flying without a net here -- there are no other sources that I
have found to work off of.  My findings and conclusions are based on
conversations on this list, conversations with porters, etc.

Some parts of this section may be suitable for inclusion to the Policy
(i.e., minimum wait periods, depending on whether it's for stable,
frozen, or unstable, and depending on bug severity) and the like.  I
leave that up to you all, as I'm rather busy with other matters.

Even so, I feel this is of interest to "Policy Makers" here, so I'm
eager to get your buy-off before releasing this.  Comments

Please see the the CVS live Debian Doc Project version, a pre-release,
now at, of the developer's reference 


Hope you all like it.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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