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Re: NEDD for a policy manager

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	I think if we ratify the constitution, we can get the tech
>  committee to take over the policy managers job. One of the
>  objections people had was that the policy manager was one lone
>  individual, and they felt that they were at the whims of that
>  individual. The tech committee is supposed to be made up of people
>  who have displayed a modicum of technical competence, and they are
>  not individuals either.

I've generally found that rudderless committees lead to impasse. 
Perhaps if we redesignate the 'policy manager' the 'policy chairman'. 
Moving the position away fron definition of policy and final decision
making and towards /leadership/ of the policy group.  Groups without
well-defined leaders, without people who set and enforce an agenda,
tend to sit around and bicker.  (cf debian-devel) If we're going to
have an anarchy, let's at least designate a 'chief anarchist'.

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              Ted Whalen - tew@debian.org

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