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Re: Problems with build target

>>>>> On Sat, 21 Mar 1998 15:15:52 +0100, Martin Schulze <joey@kuolema.Infodrom.North.DE> said:

 Martin> [1 <text/plain; us-ascii (7bit)>] Hi,

 Martin> I've noticed some problems with packages that I took over
 Martin> from others or that I'm packaging as security manager.

 Martin> I normally issue a command similar to "make -f debian/rules
 Martin> build" to get the package compiled.  I'm normally doing this
 Martin> with new packages before I add my patches.  After I've added
 Martin> my patches often this command doesn't re-build the files.

 Martin> The reason is that inside of debian/rules a stamp-file is
 Martin> used to indicate that the build process was successful.
 Martin> Unfortunately this stamp-file is called 'build' - similar to
 Martin> the target I have to use.  As there are normaly no depends on
 Martin> the build target make will refuse to run the build stage.

 Martin> I'd like to make it policy that the stamp-file is NOT called
 Martin> 'build' but something else, I still use stamp-build like in
 Martin> the early days - the name is intentional.

Yea.  The whole point of calling it build is that makes sure that
things aren't redone if they don't need to be. Creating a
'stamp-build' file is a waste of time.  Might as well not create any

And since this is an internal developer building problem I don't see a 
need for policy on this.

Also to a person compiling your package it should be expected that
make parts do not get redone, so creating a stamp-build file will
break expected behavior in my opinion.

Finally.  If you think that files should be checked to see if they are 
newer than build then make build dependent on those files.  

And heck if you really want a target that is assured to always run
create something like this:

abuild: rmbuild build

        rm -f build


Then you can run 'make -f debian/rules abuild' and it will always
rerun build.

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