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lintian and e2fsprogs: doc-directory policy

I see that lintian lists the "comerr2g" package as having no copyright

There is one. However, I placed it in the /usr/doc/comerr2 directory,
as it seemed to me more "friendly" than having this evil "g" in the
dir name.

I understand that the policy states "Text documentation should be
installed in a directory /usr/doc/<package>, where <package> is the
name of the package".

My question is: does anybody think it would be a good idea to somewhat
relax the policy in this respect, by allowing a lib-package with a "g"
in its name to have a docdir without this "g" ?

But it will cause a problem when there are libc5-compat packages that
do not depend on their libc6 counterpart [I think it is allowed ?].

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