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Re: Bug#7903: acknowledged by developer (sendmail+deliver+mailx behaviour on delivering local mail)

On 22 Jan 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> >>"Ian" == Ian Jackson <owner@bugs.debian.org> writes:
> Ian> Arrigo Triulzi writes ("Re: Bug#7903 acknowledged by developer
> Ian> (sendmail+deliver+mailx behaviour on delivering local mail)"):
> >> Ahem, surely this is a joke!  Shouldn't bugs be fixed in stable
> >> rather than unstable? It has been open a long time, agreed, but I
> >> am pretty sure that since hamm is far from ready perhaps this
> >> answer is not quite appropriate.
> Ian> I agree.  I shall reopen this report.
> 	Is this going to be policy? Because ever sinve bo was frozen,
>  all but the most crtitica fixes have been going to hamm. Many bugs
>  have subsequently been closed upstream, and if indeed this is policy
>  I think hundreds of reports should now be reopened, to only close
>  when hamm is released. And subsequently bug reports pile up again
>  until hamm's succesor is released ...

I fully agree to Manoj. Keeping bugs present in "bo" but fixed in "hamm"
open, does not make much sense. If people want it this way, the bug
tracking system should be extended to differentiate between the different

A bug can exist in a package in one or more releases, and it can be fixed
in one or more releases, etc. 



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