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Re: Question on liblockfile (Re: policy Q's WRT imapd)

On 26 Jan 1998, Rob Browning wrote:

> "A. P. Harris" <apharris@onshore.com> writes:
> > Yes, but is liblockfile relevant to MTAs and MUAs or also to any program 
> > that needs to lock a file?  I'm having doubts about whether I can use it 
> > locking shared data files in addressbook package, since it seems to 
> > geared towards stuff from /var/spool/mail.  After all, the only 
> > documented function in that library is maillock(3).
> > 
> > So does anyone know if it's safe/kosher/policy-compliant to use 
> > maillock() for non-mail locking?
> Well, maillock() is only for locking mail, but there is an
> alternative, and it's in publib-dev.  From the maillock manpage:

The liblockfile-dev package contains a header file /usr/include/lockfile.h
which declares

int     lockfile_create(const char *lockfile, int retries);
int     lockfile_remove(const char *lockfile);
int     lockfile_touch(const char *lockfile);

I guess these could be used for non-mail fails too.


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