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Re: m5i5

> - Download and compile Kernel 2.4.18 with USB support and the
> visor driver. However, you'll either have to insert two lines
> in the visor driver source code or patch the kernel to
> 2.4.19-pre19 using the patches from kernel.org. This is because
> the driver doesn't yet have the ID number for the m515 because
> it's so new. I manually modified the driver. If you want to
> know how, let me know.


> - Install the appropriate devices in /dev (instructions on
> Jpilot front page).
> - Compile the latest beta of pilot-link (0.10.99 I believe)
> - Compile the latest version of Jpilot (0.99.2 I believe)

> And that should all work! There are debugging methods for each
> stage so if it does go wrong first time (likely) there are ways
> of finding out what goes wrong.
> Give the above a try --- if you have problems, let me know and
> I'll try to help. If you've never compiled kernels before, take
> a look at the debian package kernel-package --- that should get
> you started.

so, its not yet stable. anyways, ill keep you posted when i already
bought one :) thanks

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