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Re: sync software recommendation

Le mardi 14 mai 2002 à 23:09:13, Karl E. Jorgensen a écrit:
> -   jpilot: What I use now. It doesn't synchronize expenses or any other
>     apps, and doesn't really talk to anything else on the PC; allegedly
>     it supports plugins, but I never needed any. Never lost a record
>     with it (but I'm not sure how it handles conflicts).

Wrong :-)

jpilot DOES synch Expenses and some other applications. Right now it

jpilot package
- Datebook
- Address
- Todo
- Memo
- Memo32 (pedit32) (I never used it)

jpilot-plugins package
- Expense
- SyncTime
- Keyring

jpilot-syncmal package
- SyncMAL (AvantGo)

jpilot-mail package (not yet in Debian but here [1])
- Mail

[1] http://people.debian.org/~rousseau/jpilot/jpilot-Mail/

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