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Re: sync software recommendation

On Tue, May 14, 2002 at 10:05:13AM -0500, Tom Hoover wrote:
> When I bought my Clie a couple of months ago, I took the easy way and installed
> the Palm software under Win4Lin...hotsyncs, etc, work flawlessly.  Now that I'm
> sure that I'll be keeping the Clie, I'd like to go ahead and switch to a
> Linux-based sync software package.
> I've read about the many software packages out there (j-pilot, k-pilot, etc),
> but would like some first hand recommendations from real-world users.  My #1
> (and really only) demand is data integrity...I want accurate, flawless two-way
> sync capability...I cannot afford an "oops" that causes me to miss an
> appointment or lose a phone number.
> As long as data integrity is there, any other bells 'n whistles will be gravy.

For whatever it is worth: My experience:

-   pilot-manager: Works fine. Backup scheduling is better than I have
    seen elsewhere, so most sync's are pretty quick.  But: memos would
    sync Palm->PC, but not the other way. It messed up my memos, but the
    backups rescued me. Those bugs may well be fixed by now.

-   gnome-pilot with assorted conduits: Lots of bells & whistles. But I
    was never able to get it to work (gnome-pilotd keept crashing for
    me). Hopefully the serious bugs will be fixed soon, and I can have a
    proper try.

-   jpilot: What I use now. It doesn't synchronize expenses or any other
    apps, and doesn't really talk to anything else on the PC; allegedly
    it supports plugins, but I never needed any. Never lost a record
    with it (but I'm not sure how it handles conflicts).


Karl E. Jørgensen
... An rfc2324 advocate

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