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Re: sync software recommendation

Personally, I've been using jpilot.  The other ones I tried
had things I didn't like when I tried.  Who knows, they may
have improved since, but I'm happy with jpilot.  It has mail
sync, avantgo sync, time sync, plus a quarter-decent
interface :).

On Tue, 14 May 2002, Tom Hoover wrote:

> When I bought my Clie a couple of months ago, I took the easy way and installed
> the Palm software under Win4Lin...hotsyncs, etc, work flawlessly.  Now that I'm
> sure that I'll be keeping the Clie, I'd like to go ahead and switch to a
> Linux-based sync software package.
> I've read about the many software packages out there (j-pilot, k-pilot, etc),
> but would like some first hand recommendations from real-world users.  My #1
> (and really only) demand is data integrity...I want accurate, flawless two-way
> sync capability...I cannot afford an "oops" that causes me to miss an
> appointment or lose a phone number.
> As long as data integrity is there, any other bells 'n whistles will be gravy.
> TIA for your input!

Daniel Dent    |
ddent@vc.bc.ca |

If it ain't broke, tweak it!

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