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Re: sync software recommendation

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Am Dienstag, 14. Mai 2002 17:05 schrieb Tom Hoover:
> I've read about the many software packages out there (j-pilot, k-pilot,
> etc), but would like some first hand recommendations from real-world users.
>  My #1 (and really only) demand is data integrity...I want accurate,

Right now I'd recommend JPilot, which is my eyes the most stable sync 
software around. I'm currently fixing the KOrganizer / Todo Conduit for 
KPilot, so in a few weeks I'll probably be able to fully recommend KPilot, 
but currently the korganizer (calendar) conduit has its flaws: The one 
released with kde 3.0 was terribly broken, and the one released with 3.0.1 
has had much too little testing to be regarded release quality. 

Having said that, I'd recommend you ask the same question again when kde 3.1 
is released. Then I'll fully recommend KPilot as the most comfortable and 
convenient and stable sync software for linux. Maybe by then even my 
JPilotPlugin conduit for KPilot will be finished so that you can also use 
your JPilot plugins with KPilot...

So, in short: Currently, it's better if you use JPilot, but watch out for the 
next stable release of KPilot....


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