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Re: Hot Sync Button and Malsync


Thanks to all that replied to my post - truly appreciated.

I guess what it boils down to is security. I was under the impression that the sync button is there mainly to "initiate" or "acknowledge" a synchronisation request. An initiation being the equivalent of a "beem request", and the acknowledgement being the analogous to a "beam accept". 

Now,  I can understand always having to push the button if you want to initiate a transfer. But it is possible that you might be expecting a data transfer, and so flag some sort of conditional variable that wouldi accept all data while this flag is true. I hope you can tell from my description, that I was hoping this would be a software hack, rather than a hardware one. I understand that this can be a serious security issue, that is why I was hoping someone might know of a hack.

>>	The key to getting your pilot to respond with it's hotsync are the
>>pins. I noticed that if two particular pins were connected (this can be
>>done with a paper clip on the bottom of your pilot ps. careful if you have
>>a palm V you might short your battery). I cannot tell you which two pins
>>it is because i don't remember and it might not be the same depending on
>>the model you have.

Now this is a hack that I did think of, but wasn't sure about how to go about it. In fact, I was hoping there would be an easier wayi, and would therefore not have to tax my brain too hard - or lose my Palm Vx in the process.!!. 

Please note, that I have read your revisions to your email.

>>	I viable alternative to this electric engineering nonsense is to
>>make a script that runs on a scheduled task and uses a lockfile to make
>>sure that it will not over-spawn. Here is what the script might look like
>>(i have made working versions of this):
>>set LOCKFILE = /my/fun/file
>>	# obviously put the file path and file you want as a lockfile here
>>if [ -f $LOCKFILE ] 
>>	# This probably isn't the right test parameter
>>	# i want the parameter for if the file exists
>>	# you can find it in the manual for test
>>	# ie. $man test 
>>touch $LOCKFILE
>>see how this works? fun huh? I'm actually waiting for a 'GOOD'
>>pilot-manager conduit myself. I've found pilot-manager set up in daemon
>>mode is alot more effective than silly scripts. Hope this helps

Thanks for this, but I am having difficulty understanding how this is an "alternative to the electric engineering nonsense".  Am I just being a little dense? I can only see how the script can be used _with_ the "electric engineering" nonsense.

I guess what I was saying about the Avantgo channels was nonsense, and not what I wanted to know. The Avantgo stuff was an example of an application that might find a use for it - while I am asleep!.

Kindest regards,


>>-nate iverson
>>On Sat, 16 Dec 2000 iumarumo@eidosnet.co.uk wrote:
>>I am interested to know if it is possible to write a script to download all my Avantgo channels to my palm **without any user intervention**. As things stand, I have to be physically there to push the "Hot Sync" button.
>>I would like to be able to run this during the night using a cron script, which would include a pon...malsync....then poff. I was just stuck with the "pushiong the hot sync" button problem.
>>Anybody know of any hacks?
>>I am not currently subscribed to the list so could you please cc me in any replies.
>>Kindest regards,
>> 	--ibs


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