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Re: gcc for palm (was: Re: Mailclient for PalmOS for multiple Mailboxes)

Kenneth Arnold wrote:
> btw, has anybody tried compiling gcc/palm with gcc/palm? i.e., can you make
> GCC run on PalmOS as well as compile for it?

The Palm doesn't have anything vaguely resembling a standard set of Unix
libraries, so you'd have to port (a subset of) libc to the Palm first. 
Next, you'd have to deal with the fact that Palm applications have to be
segmented into 64k chunks; I don't know how easily this could be done
for something the size of libc and gcc.   Finally, the Palm doesn't have
any sort of command shell and a very limited file system, so you'd have
to write an interface to work around that.  In other words, it's not
worth the effort.


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