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Re: Photo management

Hi Wouter,

>> > It just wouldn't be fast enough. Do you want to wait seconds for an
>> > image to zoom in?
>> I don't need to zoom in on a picture to appreciate it. But it
>> depends.... I like how the Flickr found the " ideal" combination of
>> "zoom factors" in the all sizes button. It is a feature I miss in
>> Picassa though. This is also why I think RAW is very overestimated. I
>> shoot only JPG.
> It's not, but everything has its uses.
> I usually set my camera to take pictures in jpeg format. However, when I
> _expect_ to be doing post-processing, I set it to RAW, since that's way
> more suited to do such things.

Totally agree with the latter of these two statements.

There are of course, uses for every option, button or knob and
everybody is free to use them as they like. But the challenge for me
lies in getting just those options and means that are necessary to get
to my goal. My goal is making pictures that are worth while looking at
later. Taking and processing them with a minimum of effort. :-)

The thing is RAW takes a lot of space. In my experience post
processing doesn't do that much on photo's that taking RAW certifies
the means. 14Gb of data is a lot to archive, process and carry around.
For some the goal is taking pictures and have a lot of fun post
processing them. Even then I would recommend taking just a few and
concentrate on those few. In my experience taking a little more time
shooting one is the key to get a picture that is worthwhile looking at

>> [snip] but I
>> think 14GB ia a lot of data for one holiday. Or did you go for a long
>> time? I think 14 GB is far too much for one holiday.
> Eh, "too" much? Who are you to decide what's too much for someone else?

Too much for _me_ of course... I will include my standard "this is my
opinion" footer in the future  ;o)

> Anyway, some people (photo hobbyists mainly) think of "going somewhere
> for two weeks doing nothing but taking pictures" as "a great vacation".
> That usually results in an amount of pictures that is far higher than
> the result of "going to the beach, and taking a camera", or even
> "hopping out to see a bunch of buildings, and taking some pictures of
> them, too".

I think I am missing the point of this last statement.

I think it's great taking pictures and think it is wonderful to be
able to relive a holiday or any other moment. I just think taking RAW
is a little overestimated and getting 14GB of data out of one holiday
is somewhat too much of a good thing for me.


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