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Re: Elephant in the room: flickr

On Mon, 2008-01-07 at 19:32 +0000, Kai Hendry wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I use Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/hendry/
> I take pictures with my IXUS, then I
>  mount /mnt/sd
>  feh -rd /mnt/sd # rotate and delete pictures
>  find /mnt/sd -type f | ~/projects/static/up.sh #
> http://svn.natalian.org/projects/static/up.sh
> This uploads the files via rsync to http://static.natalian.org/
> And then I run a command on static.natalian.org like:
>  find /home/hendry/static.natalian.org/2008-01-03 -type f -iname
> '*.jpg' | bash /home/hendry/personal/flickr.sh
> This is the problem, flickr.sh uses the only sane Flickr interface
> I've found. Email.
> Unfortunately since it's email, photos arrive out of order and
> sometimes not at all.
> There is seemingly no way I can check which photos made it and which
> didn't. Some photos arrive corrupted.
> Anyway, it's a crappy situation and it's seems OK for people on win32
> or darwin. So instead of ranting about Flickr can anyone offer a
> better solution? I've tried a couple of Debian packages like flickrfs
> without success. postr has far too many dependencies. I need some
> simple like email attachments, though a little more reliable. ;)

What I use is KFlickr. It does a good work on the batch mode, however
the pictures are uploaded on the reverse order. This is usually a pain
in the ass since I haven't found time or motivation to research more
deeply, if this were fixed, KFlickr will completely rock.

In anyway, any other interface I've tried sucks too much.

David Moreno Garza <david@espiral.org.mx> | http://www.damog.net/

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