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Elephant in the room: flickr

Hey guys,

I use Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/hendry/

I take pictures with my IXUS, then I
 mount /mnt/sd
 feh -rd /mnt/sd # rotate and delete pictures
 find /mnt/sd -type f | ~/projects/static/up.sh #

This uploads the files via rsync to http://static.natalian.org/

And then I run a command on static.natalian.org like:

 find /home/hendry/static.natalian.org/2008-01-03 -type f -iname
'*.jpg' | bash /home/hendry/personal/flickr.sh

This is the problem, flickr.sh uses the only sane Flickr interface
I've found. Email.

Unfortunately since it's email, photos arrive out of order and
sometimes not at all.
There is seemingly no way I can check which photos made it and which
didn't. Some photos arrive corrupted.

Anyway, it's a crappy situation and it's seems OK for people on win32
or darwin. So instead of ranting about Flickr can anyone offer a
better solution? I've tried a couple of Debian packages like flickrfs
without success. postr has far too many dependencies. I need some
simple like email attachments, though a little more reliable. ;)

Thanks guys,

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