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Re: Request for review / upload for libtest-fitesque-rdf-perl

Thanks for the review Gregor.

All the changes have been made, and I think we are ready for upload.

Ken Ibbotson
E: keni@computer.org

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On Mon, 5 Apr 2021 at 22:32, gregor herrmann <gregoa@debian.org> wrote:
On Mon, 05 Apr 2021 14:02:34 +0930, Ken Ibbotson wrote:

> Package: libtest-fitesque-rdf-perl
> Origin:
> https://salsa.debian.org/perl-team/modules/packages/libtest-fitesque-rdf-perl.git

1) d/copyright: An interesting case :)

Now it says "MIT";
recommends "There are many versions of the MIT license. Please use
Expat instead, when it matches.", and indeed what's in d/copyright
sounds like the Expat license;
README* has "MIT (X11)";

License: Expat
 This software is Copyright (c) 2020 by Kjetil Kjernsmo.
 This is free software, licensed under:
   The MIT (X11) License

whereas LICENSE says "MIT (X11)" and "MIT" and then has the text of
the Expat license.

I _think_ MIT-X11 and Expat are the same, so I would use one of those
2 terms in d/copyright instead of just MIT.

Additionally there's a missing space in the license text:

2) d/u/metadata:

Running one of (recent versions of)
- dpt debian-upstream
- lintian-brush --modern --no-update-changelog --opinionated --uncertain

Bug-Submit: https://github.com/kjetilk/p5-test-fitesque-rdf/issues/new

3) d/control:

All lib.*-perl in Build-Depends-Indep could be annotated with

The short description should start with a small letter and should be
a noun phrase (simple but inelegant solution: "module to formulate


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