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Re: Request for review etc of libmodule-install-substitute-perl

Le 27/11/2020 à 12:01, Andrew Ruthven a écrit :
> Hey,
> I've just pushed a new repo to Salsa - libmodule-install-substitute-
> perl - this is used by some of the existing Request Tracker extensions
> that I'm working on updating to support both RT4 and RT5.
> I'm only a DM, it'd be appreciated if someone could please review and
> upload. The changelog is still targeting UNRELEASED.
> Unfortunately the README file is for the wrong module - I've raised a
> bug upstream for that - so don't believe that!
> Cheers,
> Andrew


your package is not ready:

  Can't locate inc/Module/Installinc/Module/Install.pm in @INC (you may
need to install
  the inc::Module::Install module) (@INC contains: ...) at Makefile.PL

you should patch it to require Module::Install, not inc::Module::Install
in Makefile.PL:

  $ git grep inc::Module::Install
  Makefile.PL:use inc::Module::Install;

I pushed also some minor changes and enabled continuous integration,
then you'll receive mails for each wrong commit ;-)


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