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Re: libxml-hash-xs-perl new package review

Le 29/09/2020 à 04:23, Ken Ibbotson a écrit :
> Yes, I did. Just now after raising a bug for ITP
> I believe I covered everything


1 - inc/*

you removed inc/* but without modifying debian/copyright, then if I try
to reproduce your download (using uscan), I won't have the same source.

When you want to exclude a file, use a "Files-Excluded: inc" in
debian/copyright (and remove the paragraph related to it). In this case,
you should indicate that source was modified using a
"opts=repacksuffix=+ds" or "opts=repacksuffix=+dfsg" (if files were
removed due to Debian Free Software Guidelines). Then relaunch uscan and

Here it's probably too complex, don't modify upstream source (then keep
your "inc/*" paragraph in debian/copyright) and use the tips given by

2 - ppport.h

typo: it's not ppport.h in debian/copyright but src/ppport.h

3 - changelog

you used "Initial release [see Bug#971341]". This is not the Debian
syntax and automates won't understand it (bug won't be closed on
upload). You must use the Debian syntax:

  Initial release (Closes: #971341)

If you prefer, I can do it for you, then you'll be able to see the
change and understand what I tried to explain (I'm not fluent in
English, sorry).


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