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Re: About fusioninventory-agent packaging

On Tue, 26 Jun 2018 10:20:36 +0200, Guillaume Bougard wrote:

> Hello Gregor,

Salut !
> > Ouch, this is of course a bit of a pain if you have releases in
> > privates repositories.
> > But with 1:2.4.1-1 that should be fixed, I guess.
> Okay, I'll merge the changelog into one entry and we won't worry
> about version collision as 2.4.1 will follow soon.

> > > Here I really don't know how to close the bug in BTS. Gonéri is
> > > still the defined maintainer on BTS and he missed to close the bug.
> > Luckily everyone can close bugs in the Debian BTS :)
> > Please take a look at the documentation at https://bugs.debian.org
> Thank you, this help.
> I finally found my way in documentation:
> https://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer


> Of course the documentation says only the bug owner or the package
> maintainer could close the bug. But this is an exception, so I
> guess this will work.

Sure, de facto we (as in the perl team) are the new maintainers after
the friendly handover.
> > 00bb19f26-upstream-github-commit.path has nice headers,
> > Makefile.PL.patch and systemd-obsolete-after-fix.patch have
> > autogenerated boilerplate headers.
> Sorry, I missed Makefile.PL.patch and systemd-obsolete-after-fix.patch headers O:)
> And I understand now why I shouldn't have applied the patchs in master branch.
> This will be fixed.

Great. - Applied patches can also cause problem when importing a new
upstream release with `dpt import-orig' (or the underlying `gbp

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