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Re: Low-hanging fruits reminder for 2017-08-21, 19:00 UTC

Hi Clément,

> Will try to attend, without any garantee as I'll be doing the
> Alioth Sprint thing.

Thanks for your work on the Alioth sprint last weekend. Even
though the sprint is over, I'll follow up with some details
regarding the questions you raised below.

> Also, regarding that, if anyone as input as to what Alioth
> features we use beside mailing lists and git, how we generate
> pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org or how thois reminder is sent if it
> uses Alioth... It might prove useful ^^

AFAIK pkg-perl most used service in alioth is git, plus remote
hooks that send notificacions to IRC and lists, and another hook
that builds the HTML web pages from POD files in website repo.

KGB instances run on dmn's, gregoa's and Tincho's servers.

PET seems to run on petrova.debian.org, so it's not an alioth
service though it may depend on some alioth magic like repos
traversal, running local scripts, etc. that send changes to PET.

Both pkg-perl lists (pkg-perl-maintainers and pkg-cvs-commits)
are used mostly for notifications (VCS, bts, etc.) so they don't
match the criteria for migrating them to l.d.o, AFAICT. In the
case of pkg-perl-maintainers, we'll need to come up with some
solution since it's the contact in Maintainer field in d/control
for all 3400+ packages maintained by pkg-perl team.

The LHF reminder is run by a Dom's cron job somewhere.

The pkg-perl calendar file in website repo is built manually by
dmn, AFAIK.

perl.debian.net server runs on Dom's hardware.

The annual ping reminder for pkg-perl members is run in alioth
via pkg-ruby-extras' find-inactive-contributors, plus some
additional steps for pkg-perl. We'll need to figure out how to
do the same for git.d.o replacement.

There's a proof of concept pkg-perl manual in the website repo
that is build from POD files via Sphinx and then rsync-ed to
alioth manually. Since Sphinx is getting traction in other
Debian teams too, I expect that some kind of service will be
setup eventually that we could use too.

That's all I can remember so far. I guess we'll need to draft
some plans for things that are going to break when alioth is
put in read-only mode and finally shut down.

Hope this helps,

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