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Re: Call for testing: lib{moo,roles-tiny,strictures}-perl 2.000001-1 in experimental


Axel Beckert wrote:
> I've just uploaded the version 2.000001-1 of libmoo-perl,
> librole-tiny-perl and libstrictures-perl to experimental. (Yes, all
> currently have the same upstream and package version. :-)
> All three list basically the same incompatible changes in the upstream
> Changes, no more "use warnings FATAL => 'all';". See also
> http://shadow.cat/blog/matt-s-trout/moo-2-strictures-2/ for the
> background on this change.
> While this is surely some kind of incompatibility with regards to the
> expectations developers may have, I do expect it to cause rather less
> FTBFS than before, especially with Perl 5.22.
> I'm not sure if I can test all reverse (build-)dependencies in time as
> I currently have no setup for such automated tests.

Actually it was less work than expected if doing it quick and dirty on
the same installation instead of inside a clean chroot. Took like
about 3 hours including evaluating the logs at the end, rerunning a
few tests (I ran into the libtest-simple-perl migration with a few
libcatmandu-* packages, but in the end they built fine :-) and writing
this mail.

Results so far:

All packages built fine except:

* libmoox-struct-perl: FTBFS if libdata-printer-perl is installed (but
  builts fine otherwise) and I've just filed a bug of severity normal:

* libdata-hal-perl: FTBFS, but that's already known: #768687, #789142.

So there seem no Moo-, Role::Tiny- or Strictures-related build (or
test suite) failures.

And I've now running unstable on my Thinkpad with these three packages
from experimental installed without any issue noticed so far.

So I'm soon going to upload these three packages to unstable, too.

		Regards, Axel
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