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Re: Call for testing: lib{moo, roles-tiny, strictures}-perl 2.000001-1 in experimental

Hi Jonas!

Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> > I'm not sure if I can test all reverse (build-)dependencies in time as 
> > I currently have no setup for such automated tests. So I'd be glad if 
> > someone with such a setup could have a look, maybe even under Perl 
> > 5.22.
> Seems quite a few of those are "mine".
> I am currently in Peru with extremely slow internet access¹.  I would 
> prefer to not go through testing all those packages until I am back 
> home: End of July.

No worries.
> If urgent

I don't think so.

> can someone else do those tests?

I think so.

Everything which has a test suite should be testable by anyone. :-)

> One odd package is boxer: It is written by me and lack proper testsuite.  
> Please simply skip that, and leave it to me to fix eventual breakage.

Ok, will do.

> ¹We - my partner Siri and I - are right next to the jungle (quite 
> exciting!) on a self-made month-long hacking marathon to improve Sugar 
> in Debian.

Ah, that's why there are so many new Sugar packages!

> Internet is ~12KB/s shared among 4 persons - not because of the
> exotic location but simply because we've used up the monthly quota.
> :-)


		Regards, Axel
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