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Re: Package renaming: "When to move the git repository?" and other questions

On Sun, 15 Feb 2015 02:15:43 +0100, Axel Beckert wrote:

> * Which is the proper moment to move our git repository from
>   packages/ack-grep.git to packages/ack.git?

When the source package gets renamed, IMO.
> * Or do we copy it and keep the old repo until the last (then)
>   oldstable package with the old name is phased out?

I think one repo is enough. Two would just be confusing and have no
practical advantage.
> * Which is the proper moment to reassign all potentially open bugs
>   from ack-grep to ack? (Currently a philosophical question as there
>   are currently no open bug reports against ack-grep. But I still
>   wonder about it. :-)

When the new source/binary package(s) enter the archive, IMO.
> * Given the questions above: Shall we rename both, binary and source
>   package or only the binary package?

Both please.
>   The latter would have the advantage that we don't have to rename our
>   ack-grep git repository, but would clearly add confusion wrt. why
>   the source and binary package names are not the same.

Right, I always hate it when I want to "dpt co $pkg", where $pkg in
the clipboard is the binary package, and then there's no such source
package and I have to go hunting for it.
> Any insight?

Personal preferences at least :)


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