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Re: Next low-hanging fruits session: 2014-12-21, 10pm UTC

On Sun, 14 Dec 2014 10:47:34 +0100, intrigeri wrote:

> our next low-hanging fruits session will take place on December 21,
> at 10pm UTC, on the #debian-perl chan at irc.oftc.net.

Quick report:
ntyni, Dom, olly, and me chatted a bit about RC bugs that affect us
(none :)) and other RC bugs and auto-removals from testing and number
of source packages in various releases.

And about #773343 in RT4.

Another topic was the possible pkg-perl sprint and topics for it:
- autopktest
- git/patches (debcherry, git-notes)

And for the future:
- "as for low hanging fruits, the Module::Build and CGI core removals
  are going to provide quite a few"

The next LHF meeting is scheduled for 21st January, 17:00 UTC.


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