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Service announcement: new features in pkg-perl-tools

Our tools, packaged in src:pkg-perl-tools, have grown a few features
in the last few months that not everyone might be aware of. Therefore
I'd like to give a short overview here:

1) autopkgtest

src:pkg-perl-tools builds a new binary package pkg-perl-autopkgtest
which centralizes scripts for running autopkgtest on perl packages.

This feature is documented by Niko (thanks!) at
http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/autopkgtest.html already and is
currently being discussed right here in the mailing list.

2) lintian checks

Since August 2013 we're writing and shipping pkg-perl specific lintian
checks in pkg-perl-tools. Currently there are 17 nice little helpful
checks included in the package.

Using them is totally easy:
- Install pkg-perl-tools (but you've done this already anyway :))
- Call lintian with `--profile pkg-perl' or add
  "LINTIAN_PROFILE=pkg-perl" to your .lintianrc or set the
  environment variable.

IMO, just adding "LINTIAN_PROFILE=pkg-perl" to ~/.lintianrc is the
easiest way. Done once, always works.

The pkg-perl lintian checks are run in addition to the core lintian
checks, and they also don't hurt/interfere with other tests and cause
no problems with non-pkg-perl packages.

If you haven't done so, please run
    echo "LINTIAN_PROFILE=pkg-perl" >> ~/.lintianrc

Writing additional tests is also quite easy, and documented in
/usr/share/doc/pkg-perl-tools/README.lintian (or in the source

3) integration with upstream git repos

Also starting in August last year, when we discussed this feature at
the DebConf BoF at Vaumarcus, work has happened to use the
git-buildpackage feature (gbp-import-orig --upstream-vcs-tag) which
allows one to add the upstream git repo as an additional remote and
use a tag there as an additional parent to the commit of the upstream

dpt (again: in the pkg-perl-tools package) has three new subcommands,
which seem to work fine since some weeks:

dpt-debian-upstream - convert resources from META.{json,yml} to debian/upstream/metadata
dpt-upstream-repo - add upstream Git repository as git remote upstream-repo
dpt-import-orig - gbp-import-orig wrapper with upstream tracking support

* `dpt debian-upstream' creates debian/upstream/metadata with the URL
  of the upstream git repo (if that's in META.{json,yml})
* `dpt upstream-repo' creates a local git remote, named
  "upstream-repo", from the git URL in debian/upstream/metadata (or
  debian/copyright), and calls dpt-debian-upstream if neither exists
* `dpt import-orig' calls `gbp import-orig' with the
  --upstream-vcs-tag parameter, if the remote upstream-repo exists
  (and a suitable tag there), and calls dpt-upstream-repo to create
  the remote if necessary.

This may sound a little complicated, since there are three
scripts/subcommands calling each other recursively, but the executive
summary is:

For updating to a new upstream release, you can just type
    dpt import-orig
in the source package directory, and most often nice magic will
happen :)


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