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Re: Debian Games Pure Blend: Perl development task

Hi Axel,

On 01.09.2014 14:39, Axel Beckert wrote:
> Hi Markus,
> I allowed myself to replace "Java" by "Perl" in the subject. Likely a
> copy & paste error.

Yes, indeed. Thank you.


> I wonder if recommending or suggesting the Debian Perl Team's own
> (half meta-) package for package development would make sense:
>   pkg-perl-tools - collection of tools to aid packaging Perl modules in Debian
> On the one hand it contains a bunch of tools written to ease the
> package maintenance inside the team. Several tools are likely also
> useful for team-unrelated Perl packaging and some are even useful for
> perl-unrelated packaging. (E.g. I use "dpt push" often for the zsh
> packaging. :-)
> And on the other hand it's a meta package pulling in all those tools
> and Perl modules you likely need if you want to package Perl Modules
> for Debian, like dh-make-perl.
> Do you expect people installing games-perl-dev to also wanting to
> package these games for Debian? If so, I think pkg-perl-tools should
> be at least suggested by games-perl-dev. If not, it's maybe too
> off-topic.

Thanks for your suggestion. I feel that pkg-perl-tool might be slightly
off-topic but I don't want to rule out that a Perl games developer also
intends to package the game or interact with Perl upstream and/or the
Perl team later on. I think Suggests is fine.

Basically I want to answer the following questions with »games-perl-dev«:

I want to develop games in Perl. What game related Perl software does
Debian offer? What recommended editors or integrated development
environments exist for Perl and are there example games written in Perl
from which I can learn from?

I know about frozen-bubbles and pangzero which I have both suggested as
example games. I'm not so sure about specific editors or IDEs for Perl.
However for Java development Eclipse is very common hence I can
recommend it with a good conscience.

I also know that there are Perl modules for SDL, Ogre, OIS or OpenGL but
I might have missed another important one. If you know which one, I
would appreciate your feedback.



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