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Re: Debian Games Pure Blend: Perl development task

Hi Markus,

I allowed myself to replace "Java" by "Perl" in the subject. Likely a
copy & paste error.

Markus Koschany wrote:
> I created a task for the development of games in the Perl
> programming language [2] and would like to find out whether Perl
> developers are satisfied with the current state of this task or if
> they would expect to find different packages from the ones currently
> presented.

I wonder if recommending or suggesting the Debian Perl Team's own
(half meta-) package for package development would make sense:

  pkg-perl-tools - collection of tools to aid packaging Perl modules in Debian

On the one hand it contains a bunch of tools written to ease the
package maintenance inside the team. Several tools are likely also
useful for team-unrelated Perl packaging and some are even useful for
perl-unrelated packaging. (E.g. I use "dpt push" often for the zsh
packaging. :-)

And on the other hand it's a meta package pulling in all those tools
and Perl modules you likely need if you want to package Perl Modules
for Debian, like dh-make-perl.

Do you expect people installing games-perl-dev to also wanting to
package these games for Debian? If so, I think pkg-perl-tools should
be at least suggested by games-perl-dev. If not, it's maybe too

		Regards, Axel
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